Product Code: CAM-CF-00089
The Cel-Fi for Telstra Smart Repeater is designed to dramatically improve voice and data coverage eliminating dropped calls and slow Internet speed issues.
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The Cel-Fi GO for Telstra Smart Repeater boosts and distributes a 3G/4G mobile signal within a building, supporting voice and mobile internet for multiple mobile devices.

The system acts as a signal booster, making it an ideal product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal within the home or office.

Cel-Fi PRO Repeater has been tested, authorized, and approved by Telstra to use on the Telstra Mobile Network.


  • Suitable for Home or Small Office environment
  • Mobile coverage to 900 sqm of indoor area
  • Boosts one band at a time, supporting 3G(850MHz), 4G(700MHz/1800MHz) – (Repeater is locked to Telstra’s Next G, 4G, and 4GX Networks)
  • Supports Telstra, Aldi Mobile, Boost Mobile, Woolworths Connect + other MVNO’s networks
  • External Antenna port for connecting an outdoor antenna
  • Plug and play setup with network unit and Coverage unit communicating via a wireless link
  • Bluetooth connectivity for remote access with Smartphone App
  • Cellular Bands: 3G (850 MHz), 4G (700/1800 MHz)
  • System Gain: Up to 100 dB
  • Dimensions:
    • Network unit: 179mm (H), 155mm(W), 110mm(D)
    • Coverage unit: 160mm(H), 164mm(W), 79mm(D)
  • Weight: Total pack: 2.1kg (Network unit: 540 g, Coverage unit: 450 g)
  • Power:
    • 12 VDC via external supply
    • External supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 47-63 Hz


  • The system is suitable for areas with at least 1 bar of coverage within the home or office, which is usually next to a window. An antenna may not be required unless the coverage is intermittent.
  • CEL-FI PRO uses a 5GHz wireless link between the two units. If most of the 5GHz channels are already utilized, then the wireless link between the Network Unit and Coverage unit may drop, causing phone calls to drop. In such situations switching the home/office Wi-Fi network to 2.4GHz or rebooting the Wi-Fi router to use a different channel can assist may be required.
  • For saturated 5GHz areas, Cel-Fi GO is recommended.
  • Network unit
  • Coverage unit
  • 2 X Power supplies
  • Setup Guide

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