About Us


To be the No1 Provider of Wireless Coverage and Smart Solutions

With an unparalleled reputation for delivery success, our mission is to provide reliable, high quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of the telecommunications industry, enabling us to provide the latest technical solutions, ensuring the best outcome for our customers.


CAM’s Management team have decades of collective experience working directly for and delivering into local and international network customers.

Having the ability to call upon a trusted and safe pair of hands at any time and knowing that these can be relied upon, gives CAM’s customers the confidence that outcomes will be delivered.

CAM’s appeal to its customers is its agility and flexible mode of operating, our key values being integrity and teamwork.

CAM is equipment agnostic, enabling us to offer the optimal solution for our customers.  

CAM is committed to the provision and maintenance of a safe working environment for the health and welfare of our employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our work.